Residential Construction

Residential At Costain Construction we employ the latest technologies and techniques to build modern, efficient homes for owners, future tenants [...]

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Costain Construction is a full service general contracting firm that specializes in commercial building projects. Every job schedule [...]

Aluminium Partitioning

Partitioning Create new meeting rooms or spaces for new starters, or perhaps your company requires a dedicated area and you [...]

Ceilings and Bulkhead Construction

Ceiling Installation Bulkheads are used to create different levels between horizonal ceiling planes, in other words to divide one ceiling [...]

Dry-Wall Partitioning

Dry-Walls Do you want to reorganize an existing space without disturbing your daily activities? Drywall partitioning is your answer. Drywalls [...]

Electrical and Wiring Works

Electrical An electrical problem of any type can be extremely disruptive to your daily routine. At Costain Construction, our goal [...]

Fitting and Joinery Works

Fittings Whether it’s fitting a new kitchen, making a bespoke wardrobe, small joinery work or total property refurbishment, Costain Construction [...]

Gazebos & Pavilion Construction

Gazebos We are experts in building gazebos and pavilions. Our carpenters skillfully transform backyards into inviting private escapes where homeowners [...]

Plumbing and Drainage Works

Plumbing The last thing anyone living in an apartment, bungalow, villa or other residential building wants to hear or think [...]

Window Blinds & Glass Films

Window Blinds Our window tinting can have a very positive impact on your business, not to mention the significant energy [...]

Driveway, Parking & Pavement Construction

Driveway, Parking & Pavement Construction Parking lots and driveways can be one of the largest investments of business owners, homeowners [...]

Light Weight Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing With many different roofing options available, light weight steel roofing has always been one of the top choices [...]